January Walks and Medals



Do you see that happy face?!?
I am super stoked!!
I set a goal of 48.6 miles walked in January.
I did it! I did it!!
I so super proud of myself. I haven’t been the best goal achiever lately and I needed this win.

JostRunning has been great for me. Walking and blogging and earning medals was just the motivation I needed to get back in the game. The get healthy, get fit, get back to living game.
January started much the way December started and ended. With me very sick and loaded up with more meds. Plus going back to school and the exhaustion of being sick and teaching all day. Naps were better for me than walking. I didn’t log my first mile until January 10th. At that point I worried I would not hit my goal.
48.6 miles
Or one of each:
Half marathon
Full marathon


With JostRunning Virtual Races each month they set one of the above races each week. You register for your race and complete your miles in the course of that week. The best part, you do your miles your way. All at once or a little bit at a time. Walk, run, ride, roller skate, hop, skip or jump. JR encourages you to do your race your way.
I walked. I walked outside only three times this month. I don’t know about your neck of the woods but in south jersey, we are having an actual winter complete with snow. We’ve had two snow days in January. We didn’t even have two snow days all last year, just for comparison. I walked inside a lot more than outside. Leslie Sansone is quite the genius and has created an empire on walking at home.

I used the runkeeper app on my phone to log my miles. And since I also used this app to set my 500 mile goal, all miles are applied to my goal. Makes it easier for me to keep track. I’m not good at running numbers. 😉 I did, however, take the time to add up just how many hours and minutes I walked this month. Over 7 hours of walking.
I am going to continue my goal of 48.6 miles walked for at least the next two months. At that point I will reevaluate my goals for the year and determine I want more or less miles for April. Maybe by April I might be ready to train for an event. Half marathon in one session. We shall see. Right now, I am enjoying walking in the moment, walking for health.
I want to continue enjoying walking inside but I do look forward to more walks outside as we get ever-closer to spring but for right now I am finding my happy place in my Leslie walks in my bedroom. I watch Leslie on one screen and I watch some random TV shows on another. Mindless TV helps the miles go by but I’m using more muscles than I would if I was walking outside or on a treadmill. And I’m for damn sure using more muscles than if I was just watching the mindless TV.





disclaimer: JostRunning has  waived registration fees and provided me with free medals in exchange for a blog of my experiences. All thoughts and opinions expressed here are all mine. 


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  1. You go girl! Sooner or later we’ll get this walking club going ~ but you are inspiring with your indoor stuff and all your posts. May just set a goal for myself this month……..Gigi

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