yesterday was my birthday



Yesterday was my birthday and I am now 36 years young! My wonderful husband and amazing daughter treated me like a princess.

You see, AJ and I have been talking about planning a trip up to Lancaster and the outlets. We figured we would go sometime in March when we both could spare a day off and away. We were discussing this with Q on Saturday and she said, “mom, why don’t you go tomorrow? You already took Monday off for your birthday? It’s perfect, you should go.”  I have such a SMART kid!

Saturday was a bit of a whirlwind. Q had physical therapy and softball/hitting practice added on top of the normal Saturday chores.  AJ just went back to work (Saturday was his second day since Thanksgiving) so that left me on my own to do chores during the day. However, AJ did accompany me to the grocery store later that night.

Sunday after packing up the car we hit the road. Our first stop was  our local bagel shop for a breakfast sandwich to eat on the road. I LOVE our local bagels!! The picture above was taken while we were driving through Philly, specifically this is Boathouse Row on the Schuylkill River. Traffic was light and we cruised through Philly and were in Lancaster a few hours after we left home. We checked out the layout of the outlets and did a bit of shopping before heading to Ruby Tuesday for some lunch and a beer before we got to shopping.


After some shopping, we headed towards the hotel in a cute little town called Bird in Hand, Pennsylvania. On the way to the hotel we passed many horse & buggies. I love the sound of clippety clopping. When we got checked in ad settled into our room, I found a birthday card from the staff at the hotel.  How awesome is that?!? A birthday card and chocolates waiting for me. It was such a  nice personal touch! If you are ever in the Lancaster area and want a hotel with an indoor pool, I would highly recommend the Bird in Hand Family Inn! We were very close to the pools and we took advantage of said pools. There is nothing better than a very warm pool in the middle of winter. Especially when you don’t normally have access to a pool 9 months out of the year.

Waking up in a hotel on your birthday is absolutely luxurious. Waking up in a hotel, going out to breakfast and then shopping til you drop on your birthday is beyond amazeballs luxurious.

I don’t usually have a lot of extra money so there is not a lot of shopping except grocery shopping that happens around here. But it being my birthday and our taxes being deposited, my husband made sure I splurged on myself.

We shopped for clothes and shoes and kitchen stuff. Then we went in search of Amish goodies. We found our way to Stoltzfus Meats and purchases homemade dried beef and smoked sausage and a sausage pie.

And then we headed home. Q made me an awesome birthday cake: cookies & cream!! Cookies and cream anything is my favorite and Q made me the most delicious cake!

I feel so loved.



36 is going to be a great year!

It has to be….it started off so absolutely awesome!!!


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  1. So glad your birthday was “beyond amazeballs luxurious” You deserved that and more! Happy Birthday Week, kiddo 🙂

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