another gluten free update: it’s working


Another update

I have now been gluten free for 15 days. Two whole weeks of NO gluten and I must admit, I am feeling better. My symptoms are not completely gone but they have noticeably lessened over the last two weeks.

This week started off terribly. The winds swirled pollen around enough to wreak complete havoc on me. Allergies reared their ugly head and I had about just enough energy for school and family. I felt it was better for me to rest, eat health and get to bed early. Self-care was the only mission.

I haven’t blogged about anything but going gluten free. It has sort of consumed me lately. Good thing I like cooking and I like food. Going gluten free has almost been fun. I really do enjoy scrolling thru Pinterest  seeking out new recipes. Going gluten free has given me a new reason to search and test new recipes. I knew I liked cooking before but I have gained a new appreciation.

Gluten Free (especially since my husband and daughter are not) takes a lot of planning. My first week was more of a struggle but this week I spent Sunday planning and prepping. Guess what?!? I really enjoy spending time in the kitchen. My prep list included: hardboiled eggs, roasted chickpeas, turkey/chicken stock. chicken rice vegetable soup, fritatta, roasted sweet potatoes, and grilled chicken for salads. I still have two quarts of stock in the freezer but all the other prepped food made it until Thursday. This week I am aiming to make it until Friday. I really just prep for snacks and lunches. I am home almost every night with plenty of time to make dinner and I enjoy making dinners as long as I have a plan. Every few days, I make it a husband-cooks-dinner night. I make the menu plan most weeks, and I find the recipes, so I usually cook. But every once in a while I need a break, so I plan nights for AJ. He is the grill man, the chili man, and a few other specialties. side note: I do know just how lucky I am to have a man who cooks!!

I love seeking out new recipes. And now I have an excuse for my Pinterest addiction. It makes grocery shopping *fun* and I shop at several stores. I enjoyed the new tastes coming out of my kitchen this week, And this week was an experiment. I tried two new meatball recipes: bacon & maple sausage meatballs and gluten-free swedish meatballs. I LOVE meatballs!! I love cooking and recipes. As long as the ingredients are *normal*  and there aren’t too many of them, I don’t mind *complicated* recipes. I like cutting and peeling and grating.  The kitchen calms me.

maple sausage meatballs

bacon maple sausage meatballs

I have been eating a bit more mindfully. I am tracking nearly every day and I am almost hitting my calorie goal. My calorie goal is set at 2300 – I am not in lose weight mode but rather healing mode. My body needs at least 2300 calories to have enough energy to live and to heal. I have to admit, it is weird calorie counting from this side of the fence. I am working on balancing eating mindfully and counting the calories. I am tracking using MFP so I can see if I am eating enough, not before I eat things but after. I usually log in at some point after school and start tracking. I have come to learn, on most days, I am barely hitting 1000 before 5pm.  I am working on eating a bit more during  the early day.

I have been looking for snack recipes or quick grab snacks, depending on the time of day. I need to eat something snacky between breakfast and lunch. By the time I teach five classes I usually can’t get out of my classroom fast enough. I take a stroll around the building and I don’t  eat my lunch until after 1:30 every day . Most mornings breakfast is at 8:30 and I get out of bed around 6:30 (I set my alarm for odd, random times like 6:17 or 6:33). I should be eating breakfast sooner and I should be eating something in between breakfast and lunch.

I am learning as I go, for sure. 



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  1. OMG I do the same thing with my alarm clock. I pick random times and I vary it so I don’t get used to snoozing or anything (if it is the same time each day and I know I can push it to 3 snoozes, I will!!)

    I am glad it is going well! Some people talk about a gluten-detox fog that they go through so that might have been contributing to your allergies symptoms. I didn’t even think of that until now. It reminded me because a friend of mine is doing Whole30 and her first few days have been rough. Anyway, I hope you have made it through that part of the journey and are reaping the benefits now!

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