Monthly Archives: June 2014

weekend work


My weekend started with an extra day off. I took a personal day on Friday so we could get a head start! At the end of each day, I wrote up a quick list of all that we did. I am sure I missed some things. 

  • Hardware Store
  • Butcher shop
  • Farm Stand
  • Empty out Room #1
  • Paint walls in room #1
  • Drive Q to sleepover
  • Kmart
  • Grocery store (Sale only)
  • Dinner
  • Work on emptying Room #2
  • Day 2 – started with Amy’s Dogs and COFFEEE
  • Back to Grocery store for SALE
  • Paint trim in Room #1 – Let it Dry – while going through more stuff.
  • Mop floor in Room #1
  • Go to MILs, pick up bed
  • home to set up bed & move stuff into Room #1
  • Empty out Room #2 (what a mess, I have way too much stuff)
  • Dust the walls, ceiling and ceiling fan
  • Rip up carpet & dispose of it
  • Sweep and mop Room #2
  • Amy’s Dogs
  • Dinner (I actually cooked this meal) late, clean up that mess
  • Amy’s Dogs
  • wait for Q to get home at 1:30AM
  • back up at 6:30 to let Amy’s Dogs out
  • home for breakfast and much needed coffee, COFFEEE
  • off to Mom’s house to pick up cleaning supplies
  • clean in OC (3 bathroom, 4 bedrooms, etc)
  • Amy’s Dogs
  • Paint Store
  • home (AJ and Q started Room #2 while I was cleaning in OC)
  • Laundry
  • Paint trim
  • sweep floor – Room #2 completed
  • Make meatballs for dinner
  • Drive Q to Band Banquet (when did she get so grown)
  • Amy’s Dogs
  • help AJ move Q’s furniture into her room
  • Laundry (something is wrong with the dryer – fix that – more laundry)
  •  Eat dinner
  • More puttering (moving stuff from one spot to another)
  • Game of Throne

This was one busy, productive weekend. I am exhausted, absolutely tired down to my bones, and sore. It is a good feeling. I learned a few things while cleaning and rearranging furniture and bedrooms.  Things about myself, what I need and what I want, and changes I need to make. The biggest/most important thing I learned is I need to take more time to put things away. My life will be easier if everything has a home, a place it belongs.

I still have 3 boxes of crap on my dining table that must be looked at, gone through and put away or thrown away. That will have to wait until after a union meeting after school.

I wonder if school will feel like a vacation after the weekend’s work!