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taking care of me



August has already been quite the eventful month. I decided to look into a part time job. If you are counting, this makes 3 outside of the house jobs.

  • teaching
  • cleaning, tourist changeovers
  • server, Applebee’s

And don’t forget:

  • mom to human child
  • mom to furbabies
  • wife
  • band booster secretary
  • band mom
  • and I am sure I am missing some…

I have set out to start taking better care of Jen, (no, I will not be speaking any further in the 3rd person….it s just plain weird)

I have walked every day since July 7th. This is a HUGE accomplishment for me. I did not set out to walk every day for 30+ days. But once I hit day 16 or so, I felt like I could do anything!! And, I figured I could set a goal of continuing the streak until I started back in school September 2nd. At first I kept this goal a secret. I didn’t want to jinx myself. I kept going. Adding one day at a time.

To make this goal a reality, I am having to change the way I speak to myself and out loud. I talk about wanting to get my walk in and not how I “need” to walk. I want to continue my walking streak and as long as I think about it as something I want to do then I will keep on keepin’ on. Some days are hard, not gonna lie. I tell myself to just start moving. I can walk one mile no matter what!!

Two weeks ago, my Q and I started the PiYo program. We set out with the intentions to follow the program exactly the way it is written out on the calendar which was provided. Week one we rocked. Week two took a few twists. Taking on a new job where I am on my feet the whole time changed my thoughts on working out just a bit. I want to do every piyo workout. More importantly, I want to do every piyo workout without injury. That means I must listen to my body and not that tiny voice of guilt from not doing it. Last week, I took one rest day and then doubled up the next day and that was great!! The day I doubled up, I felt strong and ready to tackle it all. The day before when I chose a rest, I was tired and my legs felt tired and heavy.

And then there was Sunday. On Sundays I clean in the mornings but this Sunday, I also was scheduled for a training shift at AppleBee’s (AB) from 5-10pm. Did I mention this was all the night before Q started band camp?!? In between cleaning and showering for AB, I walked one mile in my bedroom. I took that walk low and slow…I use my Leslie Sansone videos but to keep it low, I don’t use the normal intensity. I keep the kicks and knees lower. I wanted to walk to keep my streak alive but I knew I would be on my feet for 5 hours. Keeping it low allowed me to walk and to stretch my legs a bit.

I am learning I can walk every day. I can do the PiYo workouts. I can work a physical job. I can do it all. I think walking every day has been good for me. I am successful in  this goal and I am starting to feel my legs responding. PiYo is hard for me but I modify and I do my best and I cannot wait to see what 8 weeks of this looks and feels like. I am looking forward to the physical changes, I am already noticing the mental benefits of both of my fitness endeavors.

I have walked late at night to get it in. I walked last night at 9:30. It is a wonderful benefit of walk at home workouts….I don’t have to worry about heat, humidity, rain, bugs, dark, etc. Even on the days I have walked late, I have felt like such a rockstar for getting in my walk. I feel like I am doing this great thing for my body. I am now realizing, it is not just my body that is happy for my daily walks!!

My new fitness endeavors are new ways to take care of me!




I like pi….yo


I splurged a bit and bought myself a new workout program.

PiYo.  (click on the word for more information) Pilates, Yoga intensified but still low impact. Watch this video for a quick visual on what is PiYo.

My facebook feed is filled with BeachBody coaches and I have been seeing PiYo craziness for a couple of months. I watched videos, and read status updates of wow. I finally jumped on the bandwagon. One of my bloggy/twitter/facebook friends is a beachbody coach and since I have known her the longest, I asked her like a million questions. Nanci made me feel very comfortable about giving this program a try.

I ordered the program and tried to put it out my head until it arrived.

And then it arrived. And I saw the calendar. There are 3 DVDs with (I think) 8 different workouts. They provide you with an 8-week schedule. Six days a week. I must admit, I was a bit intimidated looking at 8 weeks all scheduled out on a calendar.

I showed my Q the trailer video on youtube and the calendar. She decided to workout and do this program with me. For real, she even cleaned her room to make enough space for us to PiYo. AND, we finished week 1, started week 2 and her room is still clean-ish.

IMG_20140729_155946 IMG_20140728_211139_719

Do you have any idea what an absolute humbling experience it is to workout with a fifteen year old?!?

My Q is a typical teenager. She spends way too much time on her bed watching, facebooking, or reading. More often than not, she is reading and this mama who also happens to be an English teacher almost never interrupts her family when they are reading. Q, however, takes after her mama and devours books. She hates to put the book (or iPad) down until she is done.

I am out of shape and getting back to my groove. I struggle through the workouts. And yes, they are around 20-40 minutes and I die. I sweat. I huff, I puff. I curse Chalene Johnson with her perkiness and perfect blond hair. Q just rolls through and she hardly sweats. The day after our workouts, I am tired and Q not so much.


I made a hashtag #meandmyQ – even when she frustrates me with her lack of sweat, I absolutely love working out with her. I am so brutally honest when we workout. “This sucks” “ooh, I like this one” “B***ch” “This lady is crazy” “She wants me to do what” “My belly gets in the way, I have to adjust this pose”  I have worked out without a shirt on, just in a sports bra. I fall over because my balance sort of totally sucks.

Yet, I keep pushing on. I have given up and walked away from too many “hard” things but I have also pushed through serious “hard” things. PiYo is hard but fun. Every time I do a workout, I am surprised when we get to the last five minutes. It sneaks up on me. So far, that last five minutes has caught me off guard every single time.

Working out with Q is pretty awesome. We have a calendar to know what to do on what day, but more than that we have to be accountable to each other. I can’t bluff her with excuses. And even when I am so not in the mood for working out or my joints are achy and I just want to be lazy, I don’t want to give my Q any of those excuses.

Who knew this was all going to happen when I decided to try something new?!?

Jen’s February Challenge


I will celebrate my 35th birthday in about 3 weeks. I have been toying with different ways to celebrate/honor this momentous occasion.

  • my friends (yes, you and all my twitter/facebook/fitbloogin’ peeps) live ALL over the place. 
  • I can’t take off and fly to a tropical climate. Seriously, who wouldnt want to spend their birthday on a tropical island?!?
  • I was working on a list of 35 “things” I want to accomplish this year. Not sure about this one anymore (I do better one month at a time, not the whole year)
  • I wanted to have fun, challenge myself and drag my friends along with me
  • AGAIN, I can’t jump on my private jet and gather all my friends and land on a tropical island
  • But that sounds great, doesn’t it?!?

So how does a girl celebrate with her friends when her friends are scattered all over the country/world?!?

She drags them into her crazy scheme challenge…

Jen’s YogaLove Fest February

Ok so the name needs work!

I am challenging myself and YOU to daily yoga!! Complete a yoga practice (10 minutes minimum) EVERY day in February!!

Yoga at home using a video, yoga doing your own thing, yoga at a studio, any yoga is a good yoga!

Are you with me?!?!

Yoga Sources:

DoYogaWithMe.com (huge, free video library)

30 minute beginner video  (I use this video a lot)

another 30 minute beginner (a little more intense as the vidoe above, I love it)

my yoga pinterest board (I will keep adding videos and information here as I gather it)

Then we can all celebrate MY 35th Birthday….I mean World Yoga Day

I will also be more committed to doing and posting a picture of growsoulbeautiful’s  #yogaaday pose!


So who is with me?!?

Can you?

Will you ?

Yoga with me every day?

It’s good for your heart, your head and your body!

Plus, you will make me smile!!



January 1st I made a commitment to start and complete the Whole30 program. I am doing great!! 

January 9th I made a commitment to 30 minutes EVERY day of moving my booty-walking, running, yoga, intense house-cleaning – and I am doing great!! 

Today, January 13th I am making a commitment to blog 3 times every week. My blog has taken a backseat and that is silly. Blogging is like my therapy. I need to use this space to clear my head and let my thoughts ramble. I do some of my best thinking here and in the shower and in the car. Here may be the only convenient place of the three.

COMMITMENT is the perfect word for me this year!

I will continue to make small commitments because I am realizing just how big those small commitments will be for me! I can already see how good they will be. I can already see progress. I am thinking about my commitments. I am honoring those commitments and by doing so,  I am honoring myself.

Eating according to the whole 30 guidelines has been a big switch for me. I am only eating three meals a day each meal containing protein, vegetables and/or fruits and some fat. I am getting lots of fresh vegetables, small amounts of fruit, a decent amount of lean meats every meal. Snacking is not really “allowed” on plan and I have been trying to stick with this “rule” as closely as possible. Not snacking has allowed me to really listen to my body. A few times I have truly felt hunger, I went and found a mini-meal not just a snack.

See, my commitment to whole30 is helping in my commitment to listen more!!

Moving more is loving me more!

I don’t know why I forgot how much I like to move. I like to sweat. A commitment to 30 minutes is not asking too much. And my body will thank me.


Small commitments that lead to a happy place.

A happy Jen.

I can’t wait to see where this year takes me.


This week I make the commitment to:

  1. continuing the whole30 plan
  2. blog 3 times (well, two more times)
  3. move my booty 30-minutes every day.
  4. #yogaaday – I missed yesterday but I will make that up tonight.
  5. That’s it! that is enough for this week!!

What is your commitment this week??

#whole30 Days1-5…the food pics edition


I had this awesome post all written, I was finishing it up this morning and what did I do…hit the wrong button TWICE and trashed the whole damn thing!


So here are my food pics for the first 5 days of eating on Whole30 plan. I will post all my thoughts and maybe more pictures (of Day #6 and #7) later tonight!



Because I really have to get ready for school or I would rewrite this post!!

IS it Monday again?!?!

quietly reflecting into the new year


I have enjoyed being home the last week. Our. Christmas was relaxing and the break has been refreshing and rejuvenating.  I needed this week of quiet reflection. It helped to have some time without the clutter of school and lessons. I was able to sift through the clutter in my head. As we approach the end of 2012 and the start of 2013, I have had an entire week of reflection.

Part of me was negative about my accomplishments in 2012. And then I remembered how I started 2012. I had my ankle cast removed a few days before and I had a wicked-nasty bout of the flu. I did a lot of learning and growing in 2012. I wish I had better documentations (something I would like to work to improve) but I know I am ending 2012 stronger and wiser than I started it! I am ending 2012 on  positive note. I feel good going forward. In the past 12 months, I started to find what makes me happy. I touched the surface to listening and learning and loving and mending.

Instead of a resolution.

This year I have a word.

This year my word is COMMITMENT.
I am making a commitment to myself.

Commitment to: More listening.  More learning. More loving (of myself).  More mending.

So I am making a commitment to me!

A commitment to remain me, just an awesomer me!


I have been debating what I wanted to do for 2013…..a list of 13, 35 for the year I turn 35….I just didn’t know what or how I wanted to do this post. Then I read a post from my friend Alicia. Alicia is committing to a year of self-worth and has decided to do something once a day, once a week, a month, etc. working towards that commitment.

My commitment to myself, to be me, only awesomer, sounds a lot like self-worth.

So, I borrowed Alicia’s concept and came up with a few things to help with my COMMITMENT!!

Once a day
~downward dog
~self portrait – with one positive word for the day, me, my outfit…something!
~journal (food, activity, mood)

Once a week
~review past week and list at least 3 positive
~at home spa treatment

once a month
~learn/try something new
~mommy/daughter dates

once every quarter
~walk/hike thru a NJ park or beach
~take a yoga class at a real studio

once every 6 months
~publish a vlog
~weekend with hubs

Once a year
~massage or facial

I must like the number 13. I wound up with 13 different things on my list of “once a… in 2013″ list

I am looking forward to the next chapter in my adventure!

Cheers to a positive, healthy and happy 2013!


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