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I like pi….yo


I splurged a bit and bought myself a new workout program.

PiYo.  (click on the word for more information) Pilates, Yoga intensified but still low impact. Watch this video for a quick visual on what is PiYo.

My facebook feed is filled with BeachBody coaches and I have been seeing PiYo craziness for a couple of months. I watched videos, and read status updates of wow. I finally jumped on the bandwagon. One of my bloggy/twitter/facebook friends is a beachbody coach and since I have known her the longest, I asked her like a million questions. Nanci made me feel very comfortable about giving this program a try.

I ordered the program and tried to put it out my head until it arrived.

And then it arrived. And I saw the calendar. There are 3 DVDs with (I think) 8 different workouts. They provide you with an 8-week schedule. Six days a week. I must admit, I was a bit intimidated looking at 8 weeks all scheduled out on a calendar.

I showed my Q the trailer video on youtube and the calendar. She decided to workout and do this program with me. For real, she even cleaned her room to make enough space for us to PiYo. AND, we finished week 1, started week 2 and her room is still clean-ish.

IMG_20140729_155946 IMG_20140728_211139_719

Do you have any idea what an absolute humbling experience it is to workout with a fifteen year old?!?

My Q is a typical teenager. She spends way too much time on her bed watching, facebooking, or reading. More often than not, she is reading and this mama who also happens to be an English teacher almost never interrupts her family when they are reading. Q, however, takes after her mama and devours books. She hates to put the book (or iPad) down until she is done.

I am out of shape and getting back to my groove. I struggle through the workouts. And yes, they are around 20-40 minutes and I die. I sweat. I huff, I puff. I curse Chalene Johnson with her perkiness and perfect blond hair. Q just rolls through and she hardly sweats. The day after our workouts, I am tired and Q not so much.


I made a hashtag #meandmyQ – even when she frustrates me with her lack of sweat, I absolutely love working out with her. I am so brutally honest when we workout. “This sucks” “ooh, I like this one” “B***ch” “This lady is crazy” “She wants me to do what” “My belly gets in the way, I have to adjust this pose”  I have worked out without a shirt on, just in a sports bra. I fall over because my balance sort of totally sucks.

Yet, I keep pushing on. I have given up and walked away from too many “hard” things but I have also pushed through serious “hard” things. PiYo is hard but fun. Every time I do a workout, I am surprised when we get to the last five minutes. It sneaks up on me. So far, that last five minutes has caught me off guard every single time.

Working out with Q is pretty awesome. We have a calendar to know what to do on what day, but more than that we have to be accountable to each other. I can’t bluff her with excuses. And even when I am so not in the mood for working out or my joints are achy and I just want to be lazy, I don’t want to give my Q any of those excuses.

Who knew this was all going to happen when I decided to try something new?!?


fear, healing, love


Why was I afraid of this?

Why did I never try this before?

Afraid may not be the right word, but I certainly have been apprehensive. I just had no interest in lifting weights. I did not think there was any need for strength training.  I just couldn’t wrap my head around it all. Partly because I have never had a gym membership and partly because I was running regularly.  I thought I was doing enough.

And then I got hurt while out running my 10 miler the week before my second half marathon.  I must admit, I wasn’t following my training plan 10o% as the plan was winding down. The summer heat took its toll on my long runs and then I hurt myself.

The recovery process from knee injury was long and grueling.  During that process I sprained my ankle (for the 9billionth time) and then had to add more time to my recovery.  Then, with the advice of my physical therapist and ortho, I decided it was time for surgical intervention.

I was out of work for 7 weeks.

I was in therapy for 2 months prior to surgery with about a 2 week break after surgery. Then I started therapy up again 10 days after surgery when I got my hard cast on.  PT started with my knee; while I was in the hard cast I was to put no weight on my ankle. After 4 weeks with the hard cast, I had the cast removed and immediately started more intense therapy for the knee and ankle. My leg was so weak and just standing on it was work. After the cast was off, I had almost 2 months of therapy.

I had a lot of physical therapy!

I did not go through ALL of that to not continue my good work!

In the last few weeks I have truly embraced lifting weights. Lifting gives me such an amazing feeling. I am using what I learned in physical therapy and taking it to the next level. In PT, I did a lot of squats and lunges and stretches…and now while doing the #NROLFW I am doing all those exercises and then some.  And yesterday, I realized my lunges are getting more fluid and easier. I am also able to drop my knee lower to the ground.

I am making progress!!

I am making GREAT progress!!




I am in a good place! Lifting weights has helped me feel comfortable and confident in my body. It is also helping me reflect on some things…like running, healing my body, and what I really want to do for me. My whole focus has changed since my surgery. I have noticed changes in the way I think and feel about my body and my workouts. I want to move my body even though I still worry I may get hurt. I feel best when I am moving my body regularly.

It’s weird, when I am lazy and not working out I feel lazy and sluggish and fat. I have been working out consistently, I have been pushing myself and really stepping out of my comfort zone and I feel great about it. I feel great about me. I have the same body but I feel like the non-lazy body is way sexier. I also tend to eat better!

How about that one?!?

The one thing I feared the most is helping me heal and love my body.

I once feared weights.

Now, they will heal me!

I have found a new love!



christmas spirit, I have it!



It has been 33 days since my surgery and I still have 9 days with my leg/foot in a cast.

It has been warm in South Jersey.

I am broke.

I know Christmas is not about how much money you spend. AND I refuse to go into debt for Christmas. I will give my daughter an enjoyable day but I will not use credit cards to make it some ridiculous extravaganza.  I am focusing on the family aspect of the holiday. I love spending the day with my family. I open my home to everyone in my life to stop at my house for Christmas cheer and plenty of food. This year we will not be buying gifts for everyone we know. In fact, we only bought gifts for the kids in our lives: Q, two nieces and a nephew. We have been making some homemade goodies to give out to friends and family – we LOVE sharing our goodies and I think this is a way better gift!

I have not been feeling too much love for Christmas.

I have not been all bah-humbug, I love Christmas but I haven’t been feelin’ it. Part of that is weather, part is crutches, part is broke-ness, and part is simply the “holy-crap-is-it-really-december feeling…but I am warming up to it.

The last 4-5 days have jumped me into Christmas Spirit.

We put up our awesome glowing red tree on Wednesday.

On Thursday we had company from out of town.

Friday we decorated the tree. We decided not to put out all our decorations this year. We have a small house and with me on crutches we decided to go minimal. I am so happy we did! I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to look to my left as I type this and see my pretty tree!  I peeled, cored, and diced up 8 pounds of apples and put them and other ingredients into the crockpot. I let the crokpot work its crockpot magic while I slept and then on Saturday I turned the crockpot goodness into apple butter. {I can’t wait to give this out, it is seriously delicious!!!}



Today my little sister came over! We made all the cookie dough for her to make her cookies (she is actually baking  them with her husband but since they both work retail they will bake around their schedules) this week. We also made my cookies and breads and other homemade goodies. This year money is a bit tight so I decided to go the homemade way and I am so glad I did!! I had a great time with my little sister and my daughter making cookies and memories. There is just no way you can be in a kitchen and not talk about everything (and I mean everything)!

We had such a good day! I have a feeling that a whole lot of love was added to the yummies that were produced in my kitchen today! I feel the love and Christmas spirit and energy just surging through me!

We were very productive today!

We baked 2 batches of cookies, prepared the dough for 5 more batches, baked 8 loaves of banana bread.  I still have much to make & bake: pumpkin bread for everyone and I am making AJ onion relish & somoa bark – homemade yummies that only he would like!!

I move slower and get tired quicker but I can still get things done! I need more help than usual but Q is getting older and she wants to help me! I love that we are spending so much time together preparing for Christmas. I feel like I am really showing her the sprit of this holiday season.

I may not have a lot of money but I have a lot of spirit and love!!

I had such a great weekend getting ready for Christmas.

But now, I.AM.TIRED! I am going to bed where I can let visions of sugar fairies dance in my head.

I leave you with one more picture of my BRIGHT red tree! and if you look closely at the couch on the right you will see a sleeping Lucy!!


Do you have the Christmas spirit?!?

*pardon the crappy BlackBerry pictures!