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I like pi….yo


I splurged a bit and bought myself a new workout program.

PiYo.  (click on the word for more information) Pilates, Yoga intensified but still low impact. Watch this video for a quick visual on what is PiYo.

My facebook feed is filled with BeachBody coaches and I have been seeing PiYo craziness for a couple of months. I watched videos, and read status updates of wow. I finally jumped on the bandwagon. One of my bloggy/twitter/facebook friends is a beachbody coach and since I have known her the longest, I asked her like a million questions. Nanci made me feel very comfortable about giving this program a try.

I ordered the program and tried to put it out my head until it arrived.

And then it arrived. And I saw the calendar. There are 3 DVDs with (I think) 8 different workouts. They provide you with an 8-week schedule. Six days a week. I must admit, I was a bit intimidated looking at 8 weeks all scheduled out on a calendar.

I showed my Q the trailer video on youtube and the calendar. She decided to workout and do this program with me. For real, she even cleaned her room to make enough space for us to PiYo. AND, we finished week 1, started week 2 and her room is still clean-ish.

IMG_20140729_155946 IMG_20140728_211139_719

Do you have any idea what an absolute humbling experience it is to workout with a fifteen year old?!?

My Q is a typical teenager. She spends way too much time on her bed watching, facebooking, or reading. More often than not, she is reading and this mama who also happens to be an English teacher almost never interrupts her family when they are reading. Q, however, takes after her mama and devours books. She hates to put the book (or iPad) down until she is done.

I am out of shape and getting back to my groove. I struggle through the workouts. And yes, they are around 20-40 minutes and I die. I sweat. I huff, I puff. I curse Chalene Johnson with her perkiness and perfect blond hair. Q just rolls through and she hardly sweats. The day after our workouts, I am tired and Q not so much.


I made a hashtag #meandmyQ – even when she frustrates me with her lack of sweat, I absolutely love working out with her. I am so brutally honest when we workout. “This sucks” “ooh, I like this one” “B***ch” “This lady is crazy” “She wants me to do what” “My belly gets in the way, I have to adjust this pose”  I have worked out without a shirt on, just in a sports bra. I fall over because my balance sort of totally sucks.

Yet, I keep pushing on. I have given up and walked away from too many “hard” things but I have also pushed through serious “hard” things. PiYo is hard but fun. Every time I do a workout, I am surprised when we get to the last five minutes. It sneaks up on me. So far, that last five minutes has caught me off guard every single time.

Working out with Q is pretty awesome. We have a calendar to know what to do on what day, but more than that we have to be accountable to each other. I can’t bluff her with excuses. And even when I am so not in the mood for working out or my joints are achy and I just want to be lazy, I don’t want to give my Q any of those excuses.

Who knew this was all going to happen when I decided to try something new?!?


The weekly planning



Monday: chicken thigh stew
Tuesday: skirt steak and brussel sprouts Wednesday: meatballs and spaghetti (squash for me)
Thursday: Cajun chicken over hash Friday: cheese steaks, oven fries and a salad
Saturday: 40-clove garlic chicken
Sunday: bolar roast

Monday: kettlebells, walking DVD, yoga DVD
Tuesday: stationary bike, gorilla app, yoga class
Wednesday: walking dvd, yoga dvd, kettlebells
Thursday: stationary bike, gorilla app, yoga class
Friday: walking DVD, yoga DVD, gorilla app
Saturday: outside walk/run, maybe outside yoga.
Sunday: join the gym – elliptical, kettlebells

Food notes:
Later in the week you will notice I only noted the protein. I will pair with the veggies we have left based on what needs to be eaten first.
Fitness notes:
I’m working on fighting through some confidence issues (that’s another post entirely) but I am going to keep plugging along until I bust through my self doubt. I am rejoining the gym on Sunday but for now I don’t trust the treadmill at school. And I’m just not ready for outside walking/running, as lame as that sounds.

I decided to add in a workout plan so I’m not being willynilly about my workouts. When I don’t plan its easy to get sidetracked by life, kid, well, everything. This became very evident last week. Q was home from school all week, sick again! AJ had a toothache that actually was infected. My car stopped working. Guess what suffered?!? I did one real workout. I also did a lot of yoga stretching-yoga poses and stretching while doing other things but no real yoga practice – following a video out going to a class where the 20-60 minutes is focused solely on yoga.

Planning is good for me! With a plan already in place, I can pack my good and clothes the night ahead and workout at school before AJ comes to pick me up! With a plan I stay more organized and less scatterbrained. See, it works all the way around.

Did you plan your meals? What about your workouts?

the plans, week of 4.29


on the menu

Sunday: Beef Stew

Monday: Ginger chicken with snow peas & baby bok choy over rice ( Basically, I am going to combine this recipe with this  one) *

Tuesday:  Smoked Ribs & Bird (husband will be breaking in his new smoker, so we are purposely making extra – chicken will be for lunches & salads rest of the week) with Pasta Salad, Cole Slaw, and a regular salad (lettuce, cukes & tomatoes) **

Wednesday:  Chicken Bruschetta Bake  and a big old salad (and leftover salads)

Thursday: Venison Sausage & Spaghetti and a big old salad

Friday:  Steak, baked potatoes and a salad


applesauce cake, bean & avocado salsa, bacon & green onion potato-crusted quich

*after dinner Monday night, I will make Tuesday’s pasta salad (it definitely tastes better when it sits and flavors all meld for a day)

**after dinner Tuesday night, I will make the Chicken Bruschetta Bake  for Wednesday. I will make it, wrap it in foil and put it in the fridge – whoever gets home first on Wednesday will take it out & bring it to room temp. Mama, has a walking date with a few friends.

at the gym

Monday: NROLFW, S2, WO B1 +15 mins of elliptical intervals

Tuesday: elliptical 45-60 mins (or zumba)

Wednesday: NROLFW, S2, WO A2  – walking date with WW friends.

Thursday: elliptical 45-60 mins (and/or yoga)

Friday: NROLFW, S2, WO B2 + 15 mins of elliptical intervals

Saturday or Sunday: 45-60 mins elliptical

elliptical note: I am working on consistency. I want to workout 5-6 days…not to kill myself, but for the consistency. I am also working on my heart rate training. My heart rate tends to jump HIGH when I lift weights, and my polar training computer is always telling me I train way too much in zone 3 (the high zone) so I need to pay attention and train in zone 2 & 3….enter the elliptical training. Not to be confused with elliptical intervals where I will purposely try to hit zone 3 for 1 minute intervals.

full disclosure: I am a Polar ambassador, Polar has provided me with my heart rate monitor but as always, all thoughts & opinions are mine for free.

the plans, week of april 23rd


Sunday: Gumbo over rice

Monday:  Crockpot Pork, mashed potatoes & asparagus

Tuesday: Raviolis & Salad

Wednesday: Chinese-style Chicken Stirfry

Thursday: Sirloin, baked potatoes (sweets for me) & salad

Friday: Veal Paprika


asian-inspired vegetable soup

roasted red-pepper hummus

chop veggies for lunches

grill chicken breasts for lunches)

veggie quiches


Monday: NROLFW, S2, WO A#1

Tuesday: Zumba

Wednesday: NROLFW, s2, WO B#1

Thursday: yoga & elliptical

Friday: NROLFW, S2, WO A#2

Saturday: elliptical

5 months ago…


5 months ago I had surgery to fix my knee and ankle issues!

ok, it was 5 months yesterday.

I have come a long way in five months!

5 months ago, I was completely non-active! I had cut all my running and walking out prior to surgery. After the last ankle sprain, my leg just didn’t want to be bothered. Walking in my classroom during the school day and physical therapy was enough for me! I know now I should have done something, even simple upper body exercises would have been better than the nothing I did.

Live and learn!

In January I re-joined Weight Watchers.

I completed physical therapy at the end of February.

I joined a gym in the middle of February.

I spent all March getting acquainted and comfortable with the gym.

I coerced many friends into NROLFW and Karina created a blog for us and we call ourselves the #ironsisters .

I fell in love with lifting heavy weights…still can’t believe I was scared of weight training!

I have tried new things – last night I tried zumba (OMG, what was I thinking?!?) and before that I tried yoga (I LOVE) and joining the gym and lifting weights.


I am learning so much about me and my body and what I CAN do!!

I am pushing myself.

I am growing.

I am still healing.

But I am strong!

I am stronger than I ever thought possible.

And I can only get stronger (physically and mentally) as I continue with my adventures.


I cannot believe it has been 5 months!!

I ca”t wait to see what is still to come!!!



weighing in, #WW week 11


The scale: 

This week: 225.2

Last week: 226.4

Change:  -1.2

Total Loss: -6.8

The Reaction and the Reflection: 



oh, how I hate both words.

I hate them because they WORK!!

I am certainly not perfect but I am working on being better!!

The Lesson: COMMIT TO FIT! 

We talked about having a back up plan and we all have them….if our car tire has a flat, we still manage to get to work. Just an example, but it is true. We will do everything to get to work. We do everything to make sure our kids and significant other need things. We do what needs to be done to run the house.

and on and on…

But when it comes to taking care of ourselves, making working out (or plainly being active), we tend to not find the time. We don’t make back-up plans for this.

Why don’t we make back-up plans?

Why don’t we make our workouts or activity or eating for that matter a priority?!?

I have been working on making working out a consistent thing. I have been plowing through Stage 1 of NROLFW – but I can be better, I can be more consistent.  I enjoy the gym. I really have come to love my workouts. Lifting heavy weights is fun.

Now, I need to remember that…all of that!

I am going to COMMIT TO my FIT.

This week I am going to commit to:

1. weekday morning walks with Lucy (even 15 minutes will be good for her, and me!)

2. Monday, Wednesday – special workouts to complete stage 1

3. Thursday – meet with trainer at gym, she is going to walk me thru all of the exercises in stage 2

4. 300 minutes of exercise – thanks Dacia for the challenge !!


How will you commit to be fit this week?!?

the calf is calling the shots


Before my surgeries I had ankle pain, arch (plantar fascia) and knee pain. My calf muscle never bothered me. My cal muscle also never really developed. There was this weird disconnect happening between knee and ankle.

Surgery has fixed  this disconnect.

Now, I have NO pain in my knee or ankle. The muscles around my knee and ankle….now that is a different story. I have suffered with sore muscles almost every day since I started walking after the cast was removed. My quads have continually reminded me that knee is now working properly and so are they. Since the quads are not used to working properly, they are sore just from daily moving. My ankle is so much more stable. This means the muscles in the bottom of my foot are much more stable. I still have pain on the inside and bottom of my foot. It is not arch pain like I had prior to surgery…this pain all stems from the muscle that runs down behind my knee down my calf and under my heel.

Somewhere deep in my calf I get a muscle spasm. When I was going to PT twice a week, Doug would work that knotted muscle out. Seriously, the man would “dig” his fingers in there and we knew he had the right spot because I instantly would sit straight up and make one wicked face!

That shit effing hurt!!

But now, I am on my own.

Sorta…I did email Doug. He suggested I try deep massage using the rolling pin version of a foam roller. I asked him about compression sock or calf sleeves but he seems to think they won’t help me. He would know.

Then later on, I was g-chatting with Deb.  Deb and I have been talking rehab since before I had my surgery…because she had hip replacement in October (?)…we chatted about my calf.  Deb wondered if I was going to ditch my weight workout. Surprisingly, it wasn’t the weights I thought about scaling back on but rather the cardio.

I think this calf issue is my body’s way of telling me I have been doing too much. I logged a lot of time on the recumbent bike and the elliptical (cross ramp) last week. I may have completely and totally overdone it! We all know how I tend to jump in headfirst. I was so excited about my gym groove. I did too much. The cardio was really too much. The constant contraction and release of calf muscles while ellipticalling and biking at the gym were just too much.

Deb suggested I cut back on the cardio, at least until my calf pain is under control.  I did not want to have to stop the cardio but I knew something had to give.  It makes sense, I know it but I don’t have to like it! Today I went to the gym and it was weights day anyway (because I took yesterday off because my calf hurt so damn bad) so I thought I would experiment with not using cardio.

Normally on weights day, I would warm-up on the bike or cross-ramp elliptical for 15-20 minutes and the do weights and maybe hop back on one of the machines for 15-20 and then stretch.  On off days, I just do the cardio machines and stretching while Kerry does her weights. Today, I listened to Deb and I cut out the cardio completely. I warmed up with a set of squats then took some time doing PT exercises and calf stretches. Then I completed my weights workout (#NROLFW, S1, WO A). I ended with a good stretch.

I won’t lie and tell you my calf is pain free but I can honestly say, it is nowhere near where it was last night. If last night;s pain was a 7 (on a scale of 1-10) today post workout was a 2-3.

This is enough to convince me to give cardio a break. This will truly give me a chance to see if I like or love or hate weights. I think I don’t hate weights. Easing calf pain (or at least not worsening it) puts weights one step above cardio…at least at this moment in time.

I have to change up some of my plans, for now:

  • I will switch my weights days to Tuesday and Thursday (I usually meet Kerry so this is perfect) and Saturday.
  • NO CARDIO at all for next week (at least, maybe 2 – calf is calling the shots so I can only guestimate).
  • I will do an at-home yoga workout Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

It is not always easy listening to my body and doing what is right for my current needs. Currently, my calf is screaming for me to pay attention. I need to slow down and take good care of my calf.  I am going to put the time and energy I DESERVE!


seriously, this is effing hard! I really thought it was going to be so much easier once I joined a gym and PT was over. NO, it is the complete opposite. It is harder now. I have more work to do…mental and physical.

whoever said this or life for that matter was gonna be easy?!?

no one!

So, I say adios to my beloved cardio and hope with all I have that my calf pain goes away and I learn to LOVE weights!