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Spring Break in my Attic


There are always projects around the house. Something always needs fixing, cleaning, organizing, painting, and more fixing.
I am on school vacation until next Monday. Q has been at her friend’s house all weekend and won’t be home until after dinner tomorrow and she goes back to school Wednesday. Big Man is back to work part time so I have him home some days and I have the house to myself a few days.

There a few things I want to do with my remaining days off
1. Amish/flea market (Thursday)
2. 3 yoga classes (at the gym Wednesday and Friday, yin yoga Wednesday night)
3. Clear steps leading to steps.
4. Start working on clearing the clutter in the Attic of dread.
5. Clean and organize spice cabinet.

Oh, and I shot my first vlog. We’re going in to scary territory.

I haven’t figured out how to embed videos…or edit videos…but here I am, posting it.

*seriously, scary*


Do you vlog?

Do you like watching videos or would you rather I just write?

Any questions you would like me to answer in a video??


april goals


I wrote out some goals and intentions in January. I even claimed a word for the year.
I made a commitment to myself. To be the best me I can be.

I  strive to work on me. To work through some of the demons in my head, to hear what is going on in there, to feel what is going on in there. It has been an emotional roller coaster these past three months. If I am being honest, I have been on an emotional roller coaster for quite some time and I am just now realizing I need to deal with it.
Some of my newish activities have been helping me deal with the emotions of life, the emotions of living, and the emotions of finding my happy place. and then there’s that whole concept of trusting myself and changing course when time calls for it. I keep working at it.I am a work in progress and to that end, I have decided to set a few goals for April. It is time I actually came up with a plan and set reasonable and realistic goals that actually work towards something more sustainable…

  1. #yogaaday….all 30 poses posted on IG (even if its once every few days, whatever)
  2. 10 yoga classes (if not at an actual class, a 30 minute video counts)
  3. Complete stage 1 of NROLFW
  4. 2-5 hours of BTE (bike, treadmill, or elliptical) each week.
  5. One 5k for time each week
  6. Read one actual book each week
  7. No scale til May 1
  8. find my paleo/primal balance (or: stick to the foods I know make my belly happyme feel good, not gross)
  9. one more…have fun. Play more. Play.


That’s enough. That’s more than I intended but I think they can stay. I put a focus on activities I enjoy. If I am focusing on what makes me happy and doing what I enjoy, it stands to reason, I will be happier and enjoy life just that much more!

So bring on April.

Let’s see just how awesome April turns out!!