I love food.

Good food. Healthy food. Not-so healthy food.

As I turn my focus to real health, I discover I want to eat real food. I don’t want to Diet (big D – for weight loss) because I don’t do well with eliminating food groups from my diet. I DO want to choose healthier foods and eat for health.  Real food includes sweets along with the veggies! On this page I will share MY recipes/creations and recipes I find that I just love!

Important notes:

1. I use the term “recipe” loosely! Some recipes will be exact and other recipes are more of my creations and I will do my best to document what goes in but exact amounts may be lacking and other recipes may just be pictures I take as I make things.

2. I am currently using splenda in some recipes. Splenda is a part of my family’s attempt at reducing how much sugar we consume.

3. Right now, you will find links listed below from my last blog. I am or was Jen in Real Life but I needed a change. However, my recipes are coming with me! 🙂  I will pretty up the recipes and organize them more as time goes on!

Eggy Muffins = http://jeninreallife.wordpress.com/2011/09/02/be-prepared-eggy-muffins/

Very Veggie Soup = http://jeninreallife.wordpress.com/2011/05/05/totally-veggie-super-soup/












Sunday Stew – chicken, white beans, crushed tomatoes








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