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#visalus check in, week 3



Since Monday was a holiday around here, husband had the day off and since his scale is at work we decided to just skip this week’s weigh-in.

I did not have the greatest week. Too many indulgences were allowed in and I have no really good reason for it. I spent a lot of time sitting at the computer, not blogging or tweeting or really even facebooking. I was extremely productive with back to school preparations.

It was a blah kind of week. It was sorta yucky weather wise, my daughter ditched me constantly, I am totally broke and I had a million things to get ready for back to school.

I let the chaos and clutter take over everything else. I did not eat enough during the day and then went crazy at night. I know I did not drink enough water and I damn sure did not exercise or move enough.

With school starting, I will focus on finding my balance. I think with the routine of school days, I will find more of a balance for me.

I did log most days. So, I will post. I know this was an off week and so is my recap. I will be more smiley next week.



Day 15 (august 26, 2012)
Shake: chcoolate cherry LFM
Shake: butterfinger – not so good….i made it too think, it was pudding-like
Omlet muffin on english muffin
Dinner: chicken cordon blue, homefries, and italian zucchini

Day 16
Shake: chocolate cherry AM
Shake: chocolate peanut butter banana AM
Dinner: hugh jass salad (genoa salami, hot capicol-sp?!?, ham, provolone, mozzarella, homemade sweet salad peppers, hardboiled egg, pasta, italian packet dressing)

Day 17
Shake: chocolate peanut butter AM
Omlet muffin on english muffin
Shake: tropical (mango, pineapple, banana) pineapple juice, AM
Dinner: chicken caesar salad, small side pasta with leftover spicy shrimp sauce, garlic bread
2 Soft pretzel

Day 18
Shake: strawberry, banana AM
Shake: chocolate cherry AM
sausage pepper sub
1/2 sausge sub
Chips and dip

Day 19
No tracking

Day 20
No tracking

Day 21
No tracking


#visalus check in, week 2


It was a bit of an odd week for me. For no good damn reason, I could not get my shit together. My sleep was screwy and timing of shakes and snacks and meals were all over the place. This is much easier all around if I make plans, prep ahead and stay on schedule. It was that week so really all bets were off. But I don’t think I did too bad.
I decided if two meals were going to be shakes, dinners would be delcious and nutritous and totally homemade. As in, if we want mac & cheese we will make it from scratch with normal ingredients. We all have sweet teeth, I have made a few fruity muffins to keep those sweet teeth satisfied. I am cooking more, spending more time in the kitchen and I am having so much fun!
We are able to have leftiver nights! For the last few years we have turned leftovers into lunches. We never had leftovee nights. I forgot how awesome it is to have random leftover nights! When my AC decided to stop working, I was even happier to have leftovers. Speaking of food and leftovers, I have been menu planning most of the summer but 2-4 days at a time depending on a few different factors. As school starts back, I will go back to weekly menu planning and blogging said menu. I am very aware with shakes and school and the busyness I know will begin next week, I must plan and prep.
As usual, I ramble.
This is my last week to prep for back to school and it is also last week to hit the beach as much as possible before I turn into Teacher Jen. Luckily, the weekends for a while will be perfect for beach without so may shoobies! My to-do list is 67 miles long….time for me to get to work!

Weekly Weigh-in

This week: -1lb
Total: -4lbs

This week: -3 lbs
Total: -6 lbs

Day 8 (Monday, August 20)
Shake: peach mix in, sugarfree peach nectar, almond milk
Shake: LFM, chocolate pistachio
Salad with shredded chicken, beans, tomatoes, cucumbers, fatfree italian dressing
Dinner: Loaded Nachos (bar style –  shredded chicken, roasted corn, roasted cubanelle, green onions, tomatoes, beans, cheese, cheese and FF sour cream)

Day 9
Shake: chocolate, peanut butter, 1/2 banana, LFM
2 clementines, string cheese
Shake: lots of strawberries, 1/2 banana, LFM
Burrito (big snack, hungry today)
Dinner: leftover stuffed pepper

Day 10
Shake: strawberries, strawberry flavor packet, 1/2 banana, AM
2 clementines, string cheese
Shake: chocolage, PB, banana AM
Dinner: buffalo chicken bake, green beans
Plum upside down muffin

Day 11
Shake: blueberries, mango, banana AM
Grapes, string cheese
Shake: frozen cherries, vanilla extract, LFM
Dinner: 2 eggs, sausage, home fries, toast
Plum upside down muffin

Day 12
Shake: cherry vanilla LFM
Grapes, string cheese
Shake: peanut butter, banana, vanilla LFM
Skinny BBQ chicken with colbyjack, sinny chicken parm ( both on bagel thins)

Day 13
Shake: cherry vanilla, AM
Shake: peanut butter, banana vanilla extraxt AM
(Way too much time between shakes, not enough food. Headaches after very late dinner, shaky…needed more food)
Dinner: shrimp in spicy tomato sauce, raviolis
Ham sandwich

Day 14
Didn’t track.
No shakes day.

#visalus check in, week 1


Dr. Mo has been telling me about visalus. I have seen several online and twitter friends, including Dr. Mo, talking about their Body by Vi 90 day challenge. I have always hesitated. I had several reasons for my hesitation: can I afford it? does it taste good? Will it work? Is it selling out to try a meal replacement shake?
I have a great friend in Dr. Mo, she assured me of all my hesitations. It is no secret I have been struggling to figure out how to proceed, but I am in need of a shake-up. And I am not the only one. I talked all of my findings and my hesitations with my husband. Sidenote here, I am one lucky woman for many reasons but mainly for my wonderful husband. He puts up will all my craziness!
We talked and decided to try ViShakes together. Right now, we aren’t thinking any further than 90 days. After the initial challenge we will husband is diabetic and takes pills. We both have made many changes towards a healthy lifestyle over the last few years. But it as not been enough and we sorta feel like somethin’ has gotta give.
Enter Visalus. Now, I do not expect miracles and I know we have to be diligent but I do think ViShakes are what we need right now. Evey experiment is and adventure is all part of the journey. This particular experiement is the first of its kind AJ and I are totally together on.
I am going to document this experiment.

Our first week on the challenge was great. The shakes are delicious and can be mixed in so many yummy combinations. The shakes are really filling. I am eating breakfast again, I have been sadly neglected the most important meal of the day. Husband is satisfied all day long. He is happy with his additions to the shake. We have been having awesome dinners with leftovers (since we aren’t having them for lunches) every couple of days.
First weeks are like the honeymoon phase. I just hope it continues. I like how I feel! I like the ease and variety! I really really like having my husband on board with me.

The numbers:

Week 1: -3lbs
Total: -3 lbs

Week 1: -3lbs
Total: -3lbs

My eats (in simple form):

Day 1, Monday, August 13
Shake-strawberry, blueberry, banana LFM
Shake: chocolate banana LFM
Dinner: 2 cheesesteak Quesadillas, oven fries
Snack: salad, popcorn

Day 2:
Shake: chocalate banana PB LFM
Apple, oatmeal bar
Shake: pistachio AM
Salad wth antipasta
Dinner: pork chop, homemade mac &  cheese with broc and cauli

Day 3:
Shake: pistachio AM
Vanilla yogurt, 1 cup and cantalope
Shake: pineapple juice (no sugar added), mango, coconut extract
HB Egg and string cheese
Sausage. Potatoes, peppers – hash style, baked
Snack: egg on english muffin

Day 4:
Shake: pineapple juice – strawberries, blueberries, 1/2 banana ( same shake for lunch)
Oatmeal bar
Dinner: sirloin, cheesy potatoes, corn on cob

Day 5:
Shake: pineaple juice, cantalope, 1/2 banana
Snack: clementine, oatmeal bar
Shake: choco pudding, banana, PB LFM
Snack: oatmeal bar, clementine
Dinner: leftovers – pork chop, meaballs, mac & cheese

Day 6:
Potato and cheese omelete
Leftover mac and cheese
Shredded chicken burrito (homemade, 1.5)

Day 7:
Shake: chocolate peanut butter LFM
Shake: butterfinger LFM
Stuffed Peppers (beef, italian sausage, rice, parm cheese – topped with fresh tomatoes & mozzarella)
2 plum upside down cupcakes

MyProudest Moment


Today is Day 18 of janice’s challenge to blog evey day in august. I have not even come close to blogging everyday of every topic but for me, this challenge is more about me not giving in. I may not end this challenge at 100% but I will end this challenge when it ends….August 32nd….ha! 😉

May 7, 2007 I graduated from college. I earned 2 BA degrees. I was 29 years old, my Q was not yet 8 years old but after 6 years (6 long, sleep deprived years on my part) we DID it!!!

I went to college for Q.
It is not easy raising a baby on a waitress salary. While not impossible, I was looking for something more stable and secure. Teaching was not my first choice but it just sort of happened. I never picture a life with a husband (sidenote: I am a kid of divorce- my parents divorced before I started kindergarten. My dad remarried and is still married to that woman. My mom’s 3rd divorce was right after I graduated high school. I didn’t want Q to have same childhood I had.) and teaching seemed like great job for a single mom with a love for reading and writing.
After high school, I went a little wild. I met a boy. We both worked in restraunts and we followed the tourist seasons – summers in jersey, winters in flotida. I did a lot of stupid, REALLY STUPID things with and for this boy. He gave me bruises but also gave me my Q and life experiences I hope I can use to help.
When I finally left him for good, no one believed it would last. They all though I was weak. I had been but I started to be strong when my daughter was born and it just grew after I left that stupid boy.  About a year after I left the boy, I was struggling with jobs. Waitressing in the winter in a resort area just plainly sucks, so I found  temp gig in an office and that became permanent.  But I was not meant for lifelong government service. I went to school. Not many people were supportive. Most of my family thought I was nuts…I don’t want to rehash their negative comments but basically it was of the opinion I should be spending that time with Q or working to support her.

So graduation was this amazing moment! I had done the impossible. I persevered and persisted and just plainky dug my heels in and handled my business. 

I am so glad this was today’s topic! I needed to remeber that I do have a stubborness and an ability to accomplish what I set my mind to doing. I have to use this superpower to fight off my procrastinating, self-sabatoging kryptonite.

What is your proudest moment?

summer learning


I did a mini-disappearing act.

Working with one computer is a pain. I don’t really like using the big computer…I prefer my laptop….it’s just easier for me….I don’t really know why…it is just harder in the summer. When school gets back in swing no laptop willbe no biggie.

Lack of laptop is only one reason for lack of blogging and social media. Yea, I know, I have slacked in my tweeting and facebooking. I have so many amazing online friends I have been ignoring. I won’t apologize because I have been spending time with AJ and Q enjoying the wonderfulness of summer! There have been a lot of days with severe thunderstorms with super heavy rains. Those days we watch movies or play or summer-long GinRummy battle. Most sunny days we seek water fun as often as possible t the lake, ocean, bay or someone’s pool. With the Olympics goin on, there was a lot of really late nights, late mornings and lazy lounging days.

It was a lazy, non productive week. My blogging took a back seat. Actually, almost everything took a backseat. I haven’t walked or yoga’d or planked or blogged in days….like 6 days, maybe a whole week. I am not sure what this will mean for my August goals but I am going to keep going and see where I end up on August 31. I may not hit 100% success with my goals but I can dust myself off and chalk up last week to a tad too much summer livin’ and move forward. I will finish out the month and see how I did!

That right there is a huge VICTORY for me! I tend to get really disappointed when I miss a few days and know I screwed up my goals. I usually woukd say “screw it, goals cannot be reached, might as well just ….” I am only hurtung myself if I continue to do nothing towards my goals. I can beat myself up or I canpick myself up and dust myself off.
Progress. Not perfection!
Every today is sort of a new start.
And tomorrow is most definitely a new day.

Lazy ends! I just 3 weeks school is back in session. I have so many ideas for this coming school year. Next week, I have an informal staff meeting and I shouls have my schedule so I will be able to really plan. The new school year always gets me giddy but a little part of me wants summer to never end.

In preparation, I am planning on getting back to a routine. Basically, I will get up in the morning like a work day but maybe not as early and then I will be productive. Between school stuff and housestuff and “workouts” and whatnot I should be able to get some shit done. A bonus, I will be back on my normal sleeping and eating schedule which also helps keep my lazy beast trapped inside. I want to be moving and grooving and when I am getting my proper sleep and eating regularly and being productive makes me want to move and groove. It all seems to work when I remember what works.

Always learning.

And with that, I should go to bed. Tomorrow is a chance to get back to goal-chasing.

Goodnight, my loverlies!

getting caught up


I missed a few days on my blog-every-day challenge. My laptop totally conked out on me. And while we do have a desktop and I have my nook, I just felt the need to chill on the social media front. My cat was/is having an issue with his foot, my finances have me feeling punchy, and I am struggling to get in a groove.

August is a very hard month for me. I have no real work schedule, my teen sleeps all hours of the day away, and I just don’t know what I want to do with myself. It’s lame, I know…but its where I am at right now. I am working on it.

I started #plankaday the other day. I am counting planks as “other” workouts for my August goals. I want to be successful in my goals and a plank is not easy for me…so it is an acceptable “other” workout for me.

  • yoga 1/21
  • walks 3/21
  • other 4/21
  • blog 5/31 – including this post
  • tracking 0/31 ( a whole other post )


And now, I want to get caught up on Janice’s challenge.

Day 5 5 Foods you can’t live without

I love food. I never loved food until I started trying to lose weight. And now, I may not have lost a lot of weight (if any) but I have gained a whole new appreciation for food. I have come a long way from the girl who burnt water and toast, regularly. I had zero kitchen confidence until Big Man took me under his wing. I learned some basics and have just bloomed from there.

I love recipes! Seriously, I have a recipe pinning problem. I keep looking for new and innovative ways to eat real food, healthy food, and yummy food! I have a pinterest board titled “chicken 1000 ways” and I am on a mission to find as many chicken recipes as I can find. I have found so many winnerwinnerchickendinners on pinterest. And I think my husband would LOVE for me to fins LESS veggie recipes. HA.

I also have to keep our food budget under control. The budget is tight so I am always on the lookout to get the biggest bang for my grocery buck! I refuse to eat crappy just because money is tight. I have to set a good example for my daughter, she will be fiscally and physically responsible.

So, all that…5 foods I could not live without:

  1. sushi
  2. brownies potatoes
  3. eggs
  4. bananas coffee
  5. steak

That was hard! I wanted to cheat and put chicken, fish, fruits, desserts, eggs – but that seemed like cheating. There is always the every favorite list of Italian, Mexican, breakfasts, fruits and desserts. Again, that looks like cheating.

And there you have my list!

Day 6 Your highs and lows from this past year

Early in August of 2011 – I was training (in a less than stellar manner) for two half marathons. I was maintaining a nice weight loss of about 50 pounds.


I hurt myself running a 10-miler I had no business running.

I sprained my ankle tripping over a dog toy (I know, this is so not helping my cool-girl status) .

I had surgery to fix both.

Crutches. And a lot of couch sitting.

Physical Therapy.

more recover.




Where now??

Clawing my way to where I want to be…

As always, a work in progress!!

The last two years


Janice’s Challenge Day 4: How have you changed in last two years?

Two years ago I training for my first half marathon (October 16, 2010) using the run/walk method. I was eating well and working out regularly. Part of me likedrunning and part of me totally dreaded it. I sort of kept up with running after October. I lost about 55 pounds that year.
Right about this time last, I was training for my 2nd and 3rd half marathons when I hurt my knee. Looking back, I kind of totaaly deserve that injury. I had been sort of half assing my training and I jumped up to 10 miles without proper preparation. I went to the doctor and then physical therapy. At same time I was in PT, I tripped over a dogtoy and sprained my ankle. It was nowhere near my first ankle sprain.
November I had surgery to repair that ankle and knee, same leg, and I have been changing and growing since. I still tend to take 2 steps forward, 3 steps back. I had thought surgery would be no big thing. Instead surgery brought raw emotions from deep within. I have had to sort through the emtions while healing from a pretty major ankle repair.
Sitting on the couch pre and post surgery packed on the pounds. I ate through a lot pain and emotion. And then regret and confusion and more emotions. I joined weight watchers in late January/early February and I had gained back about 45 pounds. Oy.
I really thought I would have made more progress on the scale since then but I am making some very slow progress so all is not lost. I have also recently relized I don’t care about the scale. I love me, I just want to be a healthier and stronge and fitter version of me. And yes, I want to feel more at ease in clothes. I want a flatter-ish belly, but to be honest, if my bellywas flatteish my boobs wouldn’t suffocateme in some of the yoga poses. I wish i was kidding here.
I may not be where I want to be but I know I am making great strides. I also know I am being a good role model for my daughter and my students.
I am no longer on a weightloss journey, I am simply learning to live healthy. I am defining what healthy means to me. I am figuring out what combination makes me happiest. I am still experimentig and trying to find my fit, the fitness that makes me the happiest; that makes me want to do it every day without dread. The one I just always want to do. Or maybe it will be a combination of a few. I have tried many but everythingis different now. Since surgery, I want differnt things and I don’t want to hurt. I don’t want to pound the pavement and I don’t really want to go to the gym. I want to be consistent and active from home.
Finances are tight. They are always tight, right?!? I experimented with a gym membershio when ut was ridiculousky cheap but that time is up andI will not stress my budget unecessarily when there is no reason I cannot accomplish fitness and health and a flatter-ishbelly all at home.
Writing this made me realize that may be my new mission or motivation. To prove it can be done with no gym, a small house and a small fitness/health related budet. To prove to myself I can motivate myself enough to do what has to be done. To prove to myself that I can actually use all the at-home workout stuff I have (I will have to do inventory) in various spots throughout my house.
In two years, I have changed and grown….all while remaining true to myself. I have become more self aware, more open to listening and hearing what is inside me, and more receptive to feeling and healing. The experiements will continue but as long as I keep growing, changingaand learning then I’m doin’ alright!
Life is one wild ride.