Just a few of the blogs I love to read!! I am sure I forgot some – please, let me know and I will add you on here!


Roni’s Weigh

Prior Fat Girl

Run Wifey Run

Workout Mommy

Jogger’s Life

Shrinking Jeans

A Day in My NYC

Before & After

Christie Inge

A Life Changing Journey

My Bizzy Kitchen

RedStar 5

a Merry Life

Mrs. Fatass

Fatty Made a Funny 

Foodie McBody

Fit Bee

Yum Yucky

My Thunder Thighs

Reen’s Journey

Loser for Life

Will Run for Coffee

Fit Views  

Changing Chick

Endurance Isnt Only Physical 

Tj’s Test Kitchen 

Watch My Butt Shrink! A Weight Loss Blog 

Leaving Fatville 

Jack Sh*t, Gettin’ Fit

Journey Beyond Survival 

  Yoga Pants & Coffee 

No More Bacon

Running on Awesome

Running … Because I Can 

House of Robertson 


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